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A unique individual, Jose adds his business acumen to his creative side that is integrated with visual multimedia. He is also an eloquent speaker and dedicated mentor to the next generation.

My Story

After completing his Masters in Journalism at the University of Missouri, Azel joined the staff of the Miami Herald. Since 1981, Azel has been a freelance photojournalist for international magazines. As a consultant on photojournalism and multimedia, Azel has worked for Apple Computer, Inc., Scholastic, Inc. and Time, Inc. As a founder of Aurora Photos and Novus Select, Azel has overseen the start-up and operations of both ventures. Novus Select does visual commissioned work in the form of photography and multimedia for corporate clients as well as editorial publications. Aurora Photos has grown from a staff of one to its present staff of 10, and from three core photographic contributors to today’s 300 plus photographers whose work spans the range of imagery from photo-documentary to high-end commercial stock photos.

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