The Art of Photo Editing with Brad Smith

Let’s explore together how we can grow your visual strength and reinspire you.

In this workshop, we will dive into what defines a photo editor and what they actually do. We will discuss what that entails and where it can be applied. Either as a career option, to see your own photography in a different light, or to get a better understanding of how photo editors think.

Photography offers so many opportunities, and most of them don’t involve actually taking the photographs. Also, we will have guest speakers from the photo industry joining us and sharing their expertise and experience. Let’s explore together how we can grow your visual strength.

Workshop Tuition: $199.00

Dates and details

Session One: What is a Photo Editor?

May 16 at 8pm EST
What are the required skills? What are their responsibilities? Defining what Photo Editors do. The difference between Photo Editing and Photo Research.

Choosing the right photographer: How to choose the right photographer. How to convey your visual objective. How to build on that relationship.

Session Two: The selection process

May 18 at 8pm EST
How to break down an entire take and decide what stays and what goes. How to edit for the need in front of you, while also pulling images for alternative usage and for stock.

Session Three: How to fight for an image

May 23rd at 8pm EST
How to make a case for certain images. Not only what to say, and how to say it, but also when it would be appropriate.

Archiving the photographs:  How to use keywords. In discussing the benefits of archiving, we’ll show historical examples of the importance of proper cataloging.

Meet Your instructor

Brad Smith

Brad Smith is an award winning photo editor, with 35 years experience in visual storytelling. He’s the former DOP at Time Inc., Sports Group, which included Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine. He was also with the New York Times as the Senior Sports Photo Editor and Assistant Director of Photography for the White House during the Clinton administration. He’s on the Board of Directors for the NPPA, Photo Start and the Eddie Adams Workshop, as well as the Creative Board for NYC Salt. He’s on the faculty for the Summit Photo Workshops, FOTOFusion and SWPJC. He’s the founder and director of Brad Smith Creative, a visual consulting group. Currently, he’s the Vice President for Photography, for the WWE.

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