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In this small group workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot and network while learning sports photography shooting techniques, creative lighting setups, the business of freelance sports photography, and much more.

Our Sports Workshop is for shooters of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

Workshop Schedule

Click here to see the tentative schedule!  Some times will change depending on activities but this will help you with timing/flow of the workshop!

Packing details & considerations

Recommended Camera Gear

  • Minimum 1 camera body, 2 ideal

  • Wide angle lens

  • Medium zoom lens

  • Telephoto lens

  • Camera bag

  • Camera bodies

  • Camera lenses

  • Camera batteries / charger

  • Laptop

  • Memory cards

  • Card reader

  • Monopod

Weather to Consider While Packing

It can be cooler in the mornings and evenings (50s-70s). You be spending hours in the sun. Bring sunscreen, hats, light layers, etc. We will be giving every participant a Summit water bottle to stay hydrated!

Breaking down some terms

Image critique

Image Critique is constantly mentioned as being the most important/valuable component of the workshop.  It’s not only a chance to get your work reviewed, but also to see your peers’ images. It is not structured as a competition, but a growth experience.  So do not feel it has the be your best of the best or how it might stack up to others.  You might have an image that you like, but are not sure if it works… You get to hear the opinions of the faculty and everything you will hear from them is 100% meant to help you.  It is also anonymous.

We will ask each student to submit three images and we will provide specific instructions on sizing/naming as well as a  link for uploading.  For the images, they just need to be from this workshop!  We will send the link out the afternoon before the image critique, which gives you the evening to get your images in!  If you want help editing we are happy to help, especially if you get down to a smaller selection and just can’t decide.  ALL images will need to be submitted before 9am on the day of the critique so we can get the slideshow organized.

Portfolio Review

There will be several opportunities for reviews, these are 1:1 opportunities between you and a faculty member.  These time blocks will be around 20 minutes and we will provide sign up sheets in the classroom.  We will make sure everyone that wants one gets at least one if not two!  ALL faculty will be available during these times.  The time can be used to show work, or talk about photography, business, or anything else under the photographic sun.  If you are showing images this is best done on a laptop or iPad.  Keeping the time in mind, you also want to have time for conversation.  Having a folder of 20-25 is a really good range to have a great discussion. We suggest having the images downloaded and not showing a website.  If the wifi is spotty, you don’t want to waste your time waiting for things to load!

Networking & Additional Education

The days will be very busy but we built in breaks for lunch and dinner in the evenings.  What better time to buy an instructor a drink or a soda and talk photography?!  Don’t be shy, the “down time” is your chance to build your community and make some friends along the way!  You really do get as much out of the workshop as you put in so make the most of your time not only with the faculty but your peers.

Meet your instructors

Workshop Faculty

Jean Fruth

Workshop Faculty

JC Carey

Workshop Faculty

Steve Fine

Workshop Faculty

Jean Fruth

Photographer Jean Fruth does more than take pictures.  She tells stories — of vibrant personalities, local cultures, and distinctive communities.  From a small darkroom to the most iconic stadiums flooded with lights, Jean’s trajectory as one of photography’s preeminent visual storytellers has taken her on a round-the-horn tour of the world’s most indelible landmarks – from the world of baseball to the world at large.  Sports have always been Jean’s most compelling subject, and from her earliest days in sports photography, she covered everything from wrestling to sailing to basketball — and on any given Friday, she could be found taking full advantage of those Friday night lights, shooting northern California’s storied football rivalries.

Soon Jean was called up to the big leagues herself, as she spent nearly a decade shooting the crown jewels of Bay Area sports — the Giants, the A’s, the 49ers.  Her portfolio quicky expanded when she was invited to Cooperstown and the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, where she helped build the museum’s archive and bring to life the story of baseball.  America’s most eminent historical institutions – including the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and the Smithsonian — have featured her work.

What drives Jean now is to serve communities through her storytelling – as the co-founder of Grassroots Baseball, a non-profit that promotes participation in baseball at the youngest levels, and as a traveling photographer for La Vida Baseball and La Vida Sports, digital media companies that shares the stories of Latino sports around the globe.  As one of Sony’s select Artisans of Imagery, and through her popular workshops, she shares her techniques, her insights, and her love of images — both the power of pictures and the stories they tell.

Jean’s first book, Grassroots Baseball: Where Legends Begin, was released in 2019. Her latest, Grassroots Baseball: Route 66, was published in spring 2022, with proceeds benefitting the non-profit program.

Workshop Faculty

JC Carey

Joseph “JC” Carey is a lifetime image maker that like many photographers was terrified of lighting until he was gifted with a class in 2007. The class wasn’t very informative with too many of the “recipes” that people love to share rather than teach how to light, but it lit a fire that has never stopped burning. That gift changed everything. It transformed him from someone that barely took pictures of people and knew nothing about lighting into someone still trying to figure out how to light everything. 

The last 14 years have passed with him being blessed with a daughter, a career doing what he loves, multiple magazine covers, and with meeting amazing people and trying to create great images of them. The art of photography and taking pictures is his passion but the ability to make his vision a reality in a photograph is what truly drives him. 

JC has taught all over the US including being part of the Faculty at Summit Workshops. 

JC joined the FJ Westcott Company in 2020 as their Eastern Accounts Manager and also works as a professional photographer.  

Follow his Instagram at JCPhotoMedia

Workshop Faculty

Steve Fine

Steve Fine was the Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated from 1996 until 2013. Prior to that he was deputy photo editor serving under the legendary Heinz Kluetmeier. More recently he spent six years as picture and sports editor at Flipboard, a mobile news aggregator. Steve worked at The New York Times from 1983-92, first as sports picture editor and then as deputy photo editor under Kathy Ryan at the Sunday Magazine. Currently he is a digital news curator at Facebook. 


Thanks to everyone for filling out the background form so we know where you are staying.  On most days we will set a meeting time at the Marriott in the lobby to walk over to the B&H classroom together! 

Check out our blog post for more tips!

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