This Year, give the gift of passion

Summit has a few stellar gift options

A Summit gift card is redeemable for any Summit learning opportunity. These can be used for 1:1 sessions, online workshops, or in person workshops.

Summit 1:1 Sessions allow students to meet virtually with the instructor of their choosing. Through these 60-90 minute sessions, you can review images, brainstorm project ideas, get professional insight, or just ask any burning questions!

Summit Online is great small-group setting to learn from the top instructors. These live, virtual sessions cover a wide array of topics. 

Summit is most known for high caliber in-person workshops. From Conservation and wildlife to sports photography to filmmaking, these workshops help you learn new skills, network, and find community! 

Which describes your loved one?

The Aspiring Professional

Someone looking to jump into the professional space. This person is working on growing a business, networking, and taking their skills to the next level. Check out a few of our recommendations:

The Sports shooter

If your loved one is crazy about photographing sports, they will likely want to learn from the top pros, have in-the-field shooting time, and receive feedback on their imagery. Here are a few gift options:

The Nature Photographer

Perhaps your loved one can't get enough time in nature. They love making images of nature and wildlife. And maybe they want to learn how to use their imagery for conservation. If that's the case, we've got some fantastic gift options!

The Passionate Newbie

If you are looking for a gift for someone new to photography, but deeply passionate, we have a variety of options. From branching into a new area to learning basic skills and getting their feet wet - we can help!

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